Our Scope of Services

Legal Services

Our staff members enjoy extensive experience in the provision of legal consultation to companies, commercial entities, and banks. We provide litigation services or consultations including those related to Civil, commercial, and criminal disputes, sales tax, income tax and social security, drafting & reviewing contracts/ agreements. We can be also involved in negotiations when needed, legal representation of our clients, bad debts management & debts collection service, registering trademarks, trade names, copyrights and providing the necessary protection for intellectual property rights, approving the minutes of Board of Directors meetings and/or the ordinary and extraordinary General Assembly of the company, assisting in the minutes of meetings preparation and/or drafting, updating any change that occurs to the company’s records and documents at the Companies’ General Controller, preparing company’s regulations, instructions and special procedures, in addition to many others.

Debts Collection Service

We have a vast experience in the field of debts collection, and the collection team has got all the needed qualifications and the experience to accomplish the work at its best. The daily work is managed through a computerized collection system and a call center based on the database system (Oracle) that has been developed over the past years since 2005 and through specialized talents at the Royal Scientific Society. The system provides several services to be able to carry out the necessary follow-ups and extract summary reports of the operations carried out by the employees as a kind of control measure; to ensure the integrity of the procedures, in addition to several other services that enable us to accomplish this task at our best. To ensure the confidentiality of customer information; The system informs the employee of the information related to the client according to the consequences of his work only. The office has a high-specification information server to deal with a large volume of data, and a website on the Internet protected by Orange and the National Information Technology Center. It is also possible to add the remote access service through the website, to monitor the progress of the procedures by the customer’s representative, regarding his files only.