Message From The Chairman

For more than two decades, I had the pleasure to work with a large number of clients and create new business opportunities in Jordan and throughout the United States, Europe and the Middle East. A Managing Partner and Chairman in Daifallah Masadeh & Associates Law Firm, a Board Member in several local companies, and an advisor for a number of local and international companies.

As a Chairman and Managing Partner at Daifallah Masadeh & Associates Law Firm—overseeing the company’s legal advisory activities in the telecom, energy, education, financial investments, real estate and many other fields, providing legal advices, dispute resolution services and collecting debts for our clients, and leading the firm in ongoing active negotiations to secure new business opportunities.

Daifallah Masadeh & Associates Law Firm has handpicked a group of competent individuals who can provide legal answers for this fast-changing and dynamic business environment we face, who can respond timely and appropriately to the changes brought from the different sectors we handle.

Our extensive aggregate experience and know-how place us in a prime position of seeing beyond the obvious. Our “can do” attitude and successful track record drives us to create new business opportunities and grow on a national, regional, and international levels.

Our vision is straightforward: to become a leader in the legal advisory, bringing real value to our clients wherever they are.

Daifallah Masadeh & Associates Law Firm undergoes a continuous process of improvement that allows us to constantly remain at the pinnacle of the legal advisory business. This culture has encouraged us to adopt the new in everything we do—in doing things right and in doing the right things.

We are proud of our clients and we have no doubt that our past experiences and knowledge will continuously open new opportunities for us.

Advocate Yasser Daifallah Masadeh